Saturday, January 7, 2017

Storage problems

I probably should get rid of a few cars.  Running out of storage.

Red 1974 GTO

1974 Goat - basket case.
Rust around windshield, back window, taillights, quarters.  Good trunk and floors.  31,000 original miles,  original engine, console gauges.
I basically bought this for the trunk floor, but desirable options, color, mileage, completeness, I couldn't bring myself to cut out the trunk. With unique 1-year only parts, I could part out for $4k-$6k.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


To all of our 2017 Flower Power Cruise (FPC) friends:

Some of you have asked specific questions regarding last years FPC…. like; issues related to dress, cabins, venues, access to groups, food, schedule, etc.  So the following 4 posts may answer some questions.  We took a lot of pictures, after which Star Vista Live (SVL) supplemented them with another 1000+ pics, plus a DVD.  We’ll use some here.

FPC’s 2017 ship will be the Celebrity Summit.  Last year it was the Celebrity Constellation, an identical sister ship to Summit.  Re-uppers picked next year berths from a floor plan of the Constellation.  

The ship has 12 accessible levels.  We settled on level six for our cabin, near the center of the ship.   That is the lowest level with a balcony.  We heard the near center-bottom of the ship is where you feel the least amount of rocking wave motion.  In the ship picture, it’s just above the orange lifeboats, so if the ship is sinking it’s a simple jump from our balconies (Ha-Ha).

The Celebrity Summit has the first (and only) woman as captain of a major cruise ship.  Captain Kate McCue was featured on 60 Minutes a few years back.  So, if you don’t like women drivers…


The top deck... Concerts and entertainment from Noon until 1am or so.

You'll have a choice of eating in one of two dining rooms, scheduled at 6pm (Silver) or 8pm (Gold).  We chose the later time in order to have fewer conflicts with the main acts in the Large concert hall. Your Gold / Silver designation also determines when you get to see the main act for the day, 8pm or 6pm.

There are also (2-3 extra cost) cafes, a great buffet, convenient fast-food bar, etc. The schedule is PACKED!!! So we ate at the buffet a lot more than expected, only making the Dining Room one time.  It comes down to “do you want to eat” or do you want to “listen to live rock-n-roll”?  The fast-food bar is next to the stage on the top deck, so I ate a lot of burgers.  Leslie got fruit plates from the buffet, only a minute’s walk away.

They told us this is the only cruise they have allowing informal (tie-dye and jeans) at the formal events like the dining hall.  However, we noticed the people using the dining room did dress somewhat formally. We didn't.

There are essentially 4 concert / entertainment venues. This is the largest, holding around 800 or so, on level 4.  Seating is "First come First serve".

This is a large venue near the front of the ship, level 11, it holds around 400 I would guess.  Elevators are all very convenient to the venues.

The top deck would be the third venue.  This seems to always have something going on.

This is the smaller venue.  Usually has something going on.  It's a lot more intimate as you can see.

There are other small lounges / venues where games, trivia contests, interviews, etc. are going on.

AND, of course there is a casino, shops, etc.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Herman with his Hermits, in the large hall.  Along with:

The Rascals play their top hits.

Blood Sweat & Tears in tune.

Micky Dolenz harmonizes with his sister.

Paul Revere's Mark Lindsey with the rest of the Raiders.

 The Guess Who as good as always.

Jefferson Starship with a Grace Slick replacement.

Grass Roots sounded great!  I always loved them.  In the level 11 hall with:

Peter Asher doing some Peter & Gordon tunes.

The Raiders, BS&T, and the Union Gap  represented here.

Blues Brothers... I missed this one.

The Buckinghams... Kind of a Drag.... NOT.  They're on the top deck with:

Abbey Road on the River - Beatle impersonators.  Pretty entertaining.

Mick Jagger?  Put on a little weight there buddy.

Cher... pretty funny.

Janis Joplin even funnier.

The Family Stone with Sly's daughter.  Great as ever?

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap in uniform.

(Paul Revere) and the Raiders were groovy.

More Puerto Rican Beatles, in the smaller venue.

Hal Bruce was in the lounges taking requests.  Very cool!  In one of the lounges.